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I have also problems with nUI and the FPS, when using it. As long as I'm not in a raid, the FPS-rate goes from over 150 (Classic World) to abot 60 (Northrend). Also when I join a 10 man raid, it's no problem, the FPS doesn't drop lower than 30 in fight. But as soon as I'm in a 25 man raid, the FPS drops from 30-25 (out of fight) to 10 FPS in fight.

My Hardware looks like this:
Sparkle GTX 275
4 GB OCZ Ram at 800 MHz
Core 2 Quad Q6600 at 2,4 GHz
nForce 780i Board
600W Power Supply

I tried everything descripted in the FAQ, reinstalling the game, reinstalling all Addons, clearing the cache, the WTF and the Interface folders. Changing the nui framerate, running nUI without any other addons. Non of this things helped, the FPS remained the same.

The i tried playing without nUI, and my FPS greatly increased, but to be honest, I don't want to build a new Interface out of other Addons, because I'm really satisfied with nUI, and I find it much easier to play with nUI rather than with a combination of Dominos, XPearl and a Dot Timer Addon. Also nUI looks way better than such a combination.

So I would be glad, if someone had an idea how to fix this problem.

Btw: Is there already a release date for nUI 6?