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hello unlimit.

Thank you very much for your time and effort in creating this cool UI.

i do have a couple of questions. While i will admit, this is my first go-around with OpenRDX, i am enjoying the format so far. At first, i was encountering some issues with certain aspects of the UI not staying where i placed them. I re-read all of your postings, and some others and have successfully created a nice 1680x1050 friendly layout.

Question 1: I am having difficulty having / creating / displaying the shaman's totem bar. are there any recommendaitons for this?

Question 2: I liked the Omniessence Live window, however where i had to activate each frame individually to match my screen resolution, i can't seem to find this one. Any help or suggestions?

I do enjoy this platform very much, and so far i have noticed a significantly reduced usage in my game memory since using it. It's a little tricky, and i am still learning to work with it, but so far these questions, primarily the Shaman totems, have been my biggest sticking point.

Thanks again.

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