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Originally Posted by Dazzlok View Post
nice ui thx man!! btw how make it works correctly in 1920x1080?
It's a little hard to explain. I know Unlimit recently updated his DUI to make it more compatible with other screen resolutions, but the truth is, you're going to have to set your desktop to one of those set by default in OpenRDX.

Once you select one of these base character profiles and begin to edit it, it can be available for all you other characters. So don't worry.

Left Click on the second tab at the top and mouse down to Window List.

This opens a new window that lists all those packages that you installed for impossible_DUI. Simply click a window (make sure it's one such as MINIMAP_WINDOW) and that controlled window frame will now appear, usually under that Window List you are looking in. you can drag this window around (so long as it's highlighted blue) and place it where you'd like.

Repeat this for al lthe windows you wish to add to the desktop.

Once you have these items where you want them, right-click that second tab at the top that you left-clicked earlier to lock all open windows into palce. Once locked, you have to unlock the windows again to edit things like chat features and whatnot.

if this does not help, please re-post and i'll get up some screens for you.

I know i'm still learning, but i do ahve this much down so far.
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