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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
You do know there's no 25 man unit panel in the current alpha, yes Xrystal?

Nonretadin -- the answer to your question is that in raids larger than a 10 man, there won't be a separate target and pet button for each raid member. That alone makes it possible to put almost 15 player on the same side without even changing the unit frame size. A few other trims should get all 25 in there and still be useful data -- using something like a Grid approach.

Scoot, love the new nui6 so far. I used it in ICC 25 tonight and my fps was double. I used it for the entire raid until we got to blood queen and I had to bite someone and they were not one on the raid frames so I had to find them and target them via mouse pointer. Please update for at least 25man frames. Also great job. I love this addon.