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Hmm, what version of nUI are you using. That screenshot looks strangely like the bug that occasionally or often occurred for some people prior to 5.06.17.

From the looks of it something is breaking in the loading sequence.


Uncheck all addons except for the main nUI and run wow again. Any problems ?

If yes, then we definitely need to know what version you have as it sounds like that old problem is what you are having.

If no, then add omen and recount addons. Do they show up in different infopanels now ?

If no then remove recount and try again. Then repeat with just omen. If either of them break the interface then that is the cause of your problem methinks. However, I have the latest recount and omen and skada running at the same time with no problems.

If yes, then add the dualstats addon to display them side by side. Still working ?

If yes then et voila. Sounds like one of your other addons possibly causing a problem. Try adding them one or two at a time to narrow down the culprit and let us know.

I hope that helps you figure out where things are going wrong.