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Well - it looks like I was wrong when I reported that typing /console set gxApi GLL in chat did not work. After having logged out and back in, the issue seems to be gone. WOOT!!!! I am so happy - as this addon has allowed me to remove at least 6 others, and create a very clean playing field. Thank you so much for all of your efforts!!!!

Since we are new users (My husband and I), we did have a few other unrelated things we were wondering. He would prefer a skin that is transparent - and even the one skin I found called "transparent" really isn't. Perhaps there are others I have not stumbled across? Or one in the works? And lastly (for now - lol), I see I can do mouseover with my action bars - but is there a way to set the mouseover feature on just some action bars rather than all or nothing?

Anyway - we love nUI! Next stop - the donations page!! We want to see you stay in business!!!