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@Miralen, does ArkInventory... how do i phrase the question. I don't want it to do the other things I've heard it does. My personal bags, my bank, I don't want it to gank around with that. Can I make it work only for the gbank? I'll go look at it and see if I can make it do what I want.

@Seerah: my thought was, just to use GVS as a frame work (not meant to imply that any theoretical finished product would have to look anything even like GVS):
-- The gbank would still take up as much space as the current gbank does, or at least, it wouldn't be any taller, even if it might not be as wide.
-- It would display each current slot as its own row, including empty slots/rows.
-- Each slot->row would be formatted like
[Icon] [Qty] [Name of item, colored appropriate to quality of item] [Type of object] [Subtype of object] [Level] [ilvl]
-- Type of object, ie 'gear' 'cloth' (ie linen wool silk) 'potion' 'bandaid' etc.
-- Subtype where applicable: for gear, stuff like 'cloth/leather' (or would that be Type and Subtype would be chest/legs/etc). for cloth, subtype might be linen, wool, silk. I'd have to go do some reading on how these things are currently tagged in the game.
-- Level would be mostly pertaining to gear and elixirs etc, so a 'required level 33' ring with an ilvl of 28 would show up as [33] [i28].

The brackets obvs wouldn't have to be in the finished product, mostly just doing that for here. I dunno how leet my photoshop skills are... if I could make a mockup or what. I guess I could at least take a stab at it.

I would totally offer to help with the coding, but I've never gotten past the 'hello world box' stage of attempting to learn Lua : x. You're awesome for even thinking about it tho \o/ and if you want me to help test any code or anything, I totally will help any way I can. \o/.
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