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Hello Scott,

i use your very nice AddOn since a few days but there is a problem, that i cannot fix
The Bars using with my previous interface were arranged in a different way, than nUI does. I looked for a way to move the bars coming with nUI but i didnt found a possibility to do this.

There is no Entry for the AddOn nUI in my AddOn-List via [ESC]|Interface|AddOns in WoW. Only some other Entrys for AddOns like Recount, Healbot or Omen3 are shown. I disableded all other AddOns but there seems to be no way tho show the needed Entry in the Interface|AddOn-List.

Sorry, but is there something wrong with my Installation?
Do you have an idea to fix this problem? Or ist there an alternative way to configure and move the buttonbars?

Thank you for help and let me apologize for writing not fluently english