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I have a problem... I read about this "pixel perfection" method a while ago on these forums, but it does not work exactly for all resolutions.

My resolution is 1440x900. When I put in 768/900, the result is 0.85333333333333333 to infinity. I edited my config file so that the scale is uiScale "0.85333333333333". But since it's not an exact number, the resultant UI scale is therefore not accurate, but is only the closest available.

If I use /run print(GetScreenWidth(), "x", GetScreenHeight()) to see the resolution my number gets me, the result is 1439.9999662615 x 899.9999969073.

I set all addons to use 100% scale. The result of all of this is that some of my addons have 1 px borders: my minimap, grid, tooltips, and those look fine. I also have graphic replacements with 1 px borders that sometimes appear smudged.

Any help/adivce?
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