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Hunter Macro Help

I have searched and found some similar macro's, but nothing exactly like what I want - I hoping for some help.

What I want is this:

Press macro bound key, no modifier

Scenario 1: i have no target. Target nearest [harm], /petattack /cast Hunter's Mark, /cast Auto Shot

Scenario 2: pet has target. Target=pettarget, [nodead] ,/cast Hunter's Mark /cast Auto Shot

Press macro bound key, with Control modifier
Scenario 3: focus has target. Target=focustarget, [nodead], /petattack, /cast Hunter's Mark /cast Auto Shot

This is what I have so far, and I know I am way off:

/cast [mod:ctrl, target=pettarget, harm, nodead] [target=focustarget, harm, nodead] Hunter's Mark
/cast Auto Shot
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

* EDIT *

So far this is working - it doesn't use a modifier key but instead uses logic to find the target:

/target [target=focustarget, exists, nodead][target=pettarget, exists, nodead]
/cast [nomod] Hunter's Mark
/petattack [target=target, exists]
/startattack [nomod]
Okay - have changed it a bit. the logic is this:

If I have a focus, and it has a target then .. Cast Hunter's Mark, petattack, startattack
If no focus target, but my pet has a target .. Cast Hunter's Mark, petattack, startattack
If no focus or no pet target then it targets the nearest attackable enemy and then stops. The NEXT click, because you now have a target, will target the sequence and send in your pet.

I have a question on this bit - Why does it target ANYTHING at all with no pettarget or no focustarget? I think it is the /petattack [target=target, exists] - its like WoW can't help itself, it MUST target something, although it doesn't send the pet in.

If I hold down any modifier key - control or alt or shift then it will still follow the same logic, the pet will attack, BUT, no Hunter's Mark and no startattack

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