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Originally Posted by Whachuga
I have been looking for tutorials on changing the skin/look of the current Default UI theme.

Does anyone know of a good Tutorial & Software site that has the utilities needed to create just the theme change?

Essentialy all i want to do is create a custom look to the current UI, for my guild.

If you are looking for a program to change models, textures, .etc in the game.. Then sorry to break your heart but thats illegal. There are programs that do this but I am not naming any.

However, if you are looking for a program to change the images of the default interface then the program you are looking for is Photoshop (or other great gfx editing software that accepts tga files). As for tutorials, don't really have any suggestions for that... try to contact T.King, he has awesome skins (mmm gothic) I can also suggest asking him for permission, and then open the tga files in photoshop, add guides and use that as a template for your own gfx.

Have fun! I will look around more for tutorials or anything. I will post whatever I find, if anything.
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