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I think most players just base their interface on the needs of their main character and re-use it on their alts with slight adjustments.

Personally I have an UI style I've simply adjusted to over the last few years, there are slight differences for every class and role I'm playing (and I am playing every class) but they're mostly on a per-role basis.
E.g. my grid is in the top left corner when doing damage and below my character with recount being in the top left when healing. If I'm playing a DD, Recount is in the bottom right corner and I use the space below my character to show class-specific rotational stuff using addons like ShockAndAwe (bars for Enhancement rotation), DebuffFilter (as the name says, important DoTs and debuffs) or smaller self-written addons.

In general, however, I have to agree with the thread starter; but I think that's at least partly fault of the class designs. Shamans e.g. always had to use lots of addons to properly manage totems so most shamans are still more into addons than other classes.
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