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Is there a way to disable your targets buff/debuff frame?

i'm talking about the list of buffs/debuffs on the far right hand side. i know you can edit th enumber of auras it will show from 1-40. problem is that this also affects my buffs/debuff frame. is there a way to specify a value for them seperately? where i can keep my buff/debuffs at 40 and set my targets at 0 so i don't have to see them? problem is that i have my dbm timers in that section and while fighting a raid boss it gets so damn big that it covers my dbm timers. the button plug-in isn't really an option for me because i have other timers and stuff that i place there to keep track of my stuff. maybe i'm just overlooking the option...but i'd really just like to be able to disable the target buff.debuff frame or just be able to set it to 0 while keeping mine the same. btw, thnx for the add-on i love this ui.
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