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help with making my own bar textures

Hey all,

I am getting my feet wet with some custom UI art.

I am currently using the "PitBull" and "SharedMedia" addon.
I wanted to re-texture my HP bar so I started looking into what I would need to do.

I followed this tutorial here...

I made sure to make my texture a multipul of two and save it as the correct type of .tga file for wow. Then I dumped the file in my SharedMedia->Statusbar folder.

I am now facing two problems.

First, and most obviouslly, the new file does not appear in pitbull for me to use as a new texture. To get it to appear I have to name the file one of the textures already present in the sharedmedia->statusbar folder.

Not only do I have to name it after one of the files in sharedmedia->statusbar... I have to literally drop my artwork into the pre-existing .tga file. Even then, it does not always work.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a more complete tutorial. A tutorial dedicated to bar textures perhaps?
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