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I realize this is an old thread, but same topic.
Firstly, love the add-on! Been in wow for 3 months and it's more intuitive to me than the default UI (along with carbonite.)

Question: I move my chat box to the upper left of the screen, and have the omen/recount add-on in the lower right box. I would like to move my combat text box(tab) to the lower left (where chat previously was) and show them all at once. However, they toggle via the map/combat/etc. button in the lower right and I'm unable to view them all at once. Is there a way to show them all at once, and how do I do that? I'm Lua ignorant, but can find/replace text in any file.

I also have to move my chat box to the upper left and re-color it at every log-on despite selecting 'lock window.' This is a minor annoyance, but maybe there's something I'm missing?

Thank you again for the wonderful app. I've returned to school due to the recent economy, but will definitely donate to nUI and Carb ASAP.