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I just realized what you meant yesterday.

I'm currently writing an animation tutorial addon that shows how to use the 4 animation type (Alpha, Rotation, Scale, Translation)


I thought there is some new animation that allows use to animate fontsstrings on their own (making them wave or sth. like that)

To bad I have not commited by first version, so I have nothing to show atm.

I'm doing tests with red squares that have a texture and a fontstring applied and have the same issues with fontstrings as you do.
Frame and textures will return to it's original values after the animation is finished: except for fontstrings. They stay bugged where they are.

You can adjust the texture and frame just fine in a function that you call in your "OnFinished" event.

I'm not even sure if the fontstring object is still intact. Because I tried adjusting it inside of OnFinished but got really bad results.

I think we should report this in the beta forum. Going to open up a thread.
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