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Originally Posted by zork View Post
You can do that. Check my ringmods and GCDRing aswell.

You can do any kind of ring in any kind of filling. But this requires a lot of dedication and math.
yeah actually i spent hours and hours trying to wrap my head around your math and I just couldnt figure it out. But it all clicked as soon as i wrote it on paper, and it helped me alot changing your variables of "Ix, Iy" and "Ox and Oy" to just "sine, cosine" and "sine2, cosine2"

but i got it to work, i started a little side project for me that I got working. I made a ring mod that kept track of your professions and when you leveled up, it was just a circular experience bar. And I added notches on my ring (the Experience Exhaustion tick) for when the next major skillup was available. Like Mining had a notch for Tin, and when i could level up to Journeyman...

Reading over your material and rRingMod3 code over and over has really helped and taught me a lot. Really appreciate your help, even though you didnt know you helped me

oh, and I was just posting to see if there was a better way before making my own cooldown using the ring methods
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