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Originally Posted by Ailae View Post
I'm not sure if this is a 1.5 error or just user error (more likely), but since I'm only developing on the beta I can't really compare to any earlier version.

However, I want my partyframes to be shown even when I'm in a raid. Thus I spawn them using this:

local party = self:SpawnHeader(nil, nil, 'party,raid',
          -- http://wowprogramming.com/docs/secure_template/Group_Headers
          -- Set header attributes
          "showRaid", true,
          "showParty", true,          
          "yOffset", -30
party:SetPoint("TOP", player, "BOTTOM", -20, -90)
This is pretty much based on the boilerplate for 1.4. However, when I have showRaid set to 'true', it creates the partyframe as a raidbutton and since I'm not doing any specific stylings to any raidframe it turns out all weird-looking. This was tested by adding solo to visibility and adding showPlayer = true and showSolo = true. But I first noticed it when I joined a party. I didn't want to file it as a bug because it's very possible I'm either doing it wrong or assuming it's going to work in another way then it really does.

Apologies if this should've gone in it's own thread or someplace else.
showRaid = true toggles if the header should create raid frames or not. The visibility string controls if the header should be shown or hidden.

Removing showRaid = true, should be all you have to do.

Originally Posted by Ailae View Post
Is there any reason why a ReadyCheck-element isn't included in oUF itself, instead of relying on a plugin? Seems like a default thing to have available on any unitframe in my humble opinion. Not bashing p3lims plugin, just curious. I spend five minutes trying to find something about it in the elements-folder before figuring it wasn't included.
Initially the ready check system was completely useless compared to the add-on alternatives. You had to wait 30 (or was it 60?) seconds until you got any information about what people clicked. Compared to the add-ons that gave you the information instantly.

Then there's the fact that no-one asked for it to be implemented and the fact that oUF_ReadyCheck was public when the ready check system didn't suck.
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