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There's probably prettier macrology for this, but I use some modification of the following assist macro for all of my toons.

/clearfocus [mod:shift]
/focus [@target,exists,help,mod:shift]
/assist [@target,exists,help]; [@focus,exists]

It's basically just an overloaded version of assist, so I bind it to the f key in the place of the default. It works like this:

If you are targeting a friendly player, f does a normal assist. Otherwise, f will try to assist your focus if they have a target.

Shift-f will clear your current focus and then set your current target as the new focus. If you aren't targeting anyone, shift-f just clears your focus.

Currently, the condition sets I use limit you to focusing other players or friendly targets. However, removing the "help" parameter from the second and third lines will allow you to set the focus and target its target arbitrarily.

Pretty simple, though, and no typing or on-the-fly macro surgery required. Click the tank, hit shift-f, then spam f, clear trash, win fame and fortune, and maybe, just maybe, upgrade a tank's mood from "losing faith in humanity" to "grumpy" for a fleeting instant. The poor bastards.
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