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Having a little play around myself also with live to beta changes with the scaling, I can get some things pixel perfect with 8x multisampling on beta, whereas on live they smudge.

Also the 'no-UI scale' scale seems to have changed. Now I'm not sure if I'm looking at this correctly, but without the 'Use UI Scale' box checked on live and beta the numbers I get from UIParent:GetScale() are as follows:

Live : 0.89999997615814
Beta: 0.73142856359482

And also /run print(GetScreenWidth(), "x", GetScreenHeight()) returns different values on live and beta.

I'm running the game windowed, maximized, at 1680x1050.

Live returns : 1365.333381317 x 853.33341730482
Beta returns: 1680.0000326139 x 1050.0000923593

I don't honestly know tho', this scaling stuff is rather confusing to me and does seem to be a bit of voodoo magic.

And also

Originally Posted by ForeverTheGM View Post
/console useuiscale 1
/console uiscale 1
/run print(GetScreenHeight())


It doesn't look like they've changed the way UI resolution is computed, so it must be something else.
For me it's..

Live: 768.00005398167
Beta: 768.00005398167

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