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Has anyone considered the prospect that in 4.0.1 any element needing a pixel perfect border needs to be placed on the screen with whole numbers for x and y values? I'm not very proficient in LUA or how the interface works, but I can find my way around, but I assume for anything dragable the values are typically never whole numbers, as evidence from looking at various SavedVariable files over the years.

Edit 1: Also height/width need to be whole numbers as well.

Edit 2: Also it looks like the height/width values need to be divisible by 2, but x/y values do not.

Back in 3.3.5 I used 0.7 for my uiScale, I ended up getting my Stuf frames to be pixel perfect simply by adjusting the x and y values of the frame... just placing them at a certain location on the screen. If I moved them 1 px, usually one edge would become blurry.

Well I'm trying to adjust my LitePanels on beta at the moment, going for a 0.64 uiScale on 1920x1200, and I noticed whenever I put the x value to a number with a decimal the borders become fuzzy.

x = 370, y = 0 the panels are pixel perfect
x = 370.5, y = 0 the panels are fuzzy.

Maybe this is old news, maybe not, just thought I'd post. It could be that the old UI automatically rounded up or down when elements were dragged on the screen?

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