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I went into a raid with the ingame raid panels showing and it was a total disaster. For some reason they would not let me click through them. And there was no transparency to them that I could see or find in a hurry to fix. I had to say wait a minute, stop and disable then and restart healbot. I may have just been missing something never having had a need to use raid frames on a tank or a melee toon.

One of the things I find very unique to playing a shammy healer is with the cast times of the heals. I do a lot of randoms right now and the first pulls are and adjustment to see how the tank, gear-wise and skill-wise, takes damage and holds aggro. Every run like that is a different experience and each dungeon holds its own special challenges learning experiences. Yesterday I learned I would much rather heal HOR than POS. Were I to go in on a different toon and tank it would be the other way around.

As a non employable physically handicapped person one of the things I love most about this game is the way it keeps my mind agile and active.
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