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There hardly is anything updated as far as ui compilations go
This is because some of use take the patch as an advantage and recode all of the addons to make them more appealing or using newly introduced functionality. This obiously takes time. Currently there is not much to do until December 07, so who cares.

I, for myself rewrote most of my addons and created some new ones, just for the patch. This cannot be done in a day nor do you have the motivation to code anyday. But I can already see the end of the tunnel.

But Blizzard introduced some hillarious unitframe bugs making it impossible to create party and raidframes without killing the cpu usage. Hopefully those patches will go live before Cataclysm arrives. If not many addon authors will be troubled. That's one of the main thing that hinders me from finishing the unitframes. I do not want to work around stuff that may get fixed till Cataclysm.

The next most annoying bug next to the raid/partyframes are the nameplates. God how I hate these atm. I'm currently rethinking of how I'm going to work around the issues I'm having with them.
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