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These are the issues that I've encountered so far with the current implementation of the SecureAuraHeader:

- You cannot cancel a weapon enchantment since the CancelTempEnchantment() function is spelled incorrectly.

- Does not update the buttons if using a unit like "target" and the target changes, etc.
- The "consolidateDuration" attribute mentioned in comments never gets used.
- The "sortDir" attribute mentioned in the comments is spelled as "sortDirection" in the actual code.
- The comments for the xOffset attribute say the default is width, however the code sets the default to 0.
- The comments for the yOffset attribute say the default is height, however the code sets the default to 0.
- sortFactory(): If the "separateOwn" attribute is 0 it will be handled as if it were -1.
- configureAuras(): Setting the "wrapAfter" attribute to nil or 0 results in a divide by nil or 0 error.
- configureAuras(): Cannot use a string template name for the "consolidateProxy" attribute or "consolidateHeader" attribute because the code tests the return value of type() for an uppercase 'STRING'.
- configureAuras(): Assigns the slot number for the MainHandSlot to the off hand enchant button's "target-slot" attribute and :SetID(). You can work around this by comparing the child frame's value to header:GetAttribute("tempEnchant2") and supplying your own inventory slot number.
- extractTemplateInfo(): Does not properly separate a template name from a widget type when both are specified in a template name string.
- SecureAuraHeader_OnUpdate(): Does not track consolidated buffs in order to move them out of consolidation when time remaining is short.
- SecureAuraHeader_Update(): Setting the "includeWeapons" attribute to 0 will cause weapon buttons to be displayed if they have previously been created.
- SecureAuraHeader_Update(): The logic that decides which buffs to add to the consoliation frame is adding buffs with short rather than long time remaining values.
- SecureAuraHeader_Update(): Due to a bug in the loop that parses the "groupBy" attribute, only the last filter in a comma separated list will be used.
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