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Hmmm... OK, here's the sum from previous page.

1. start VLC
2. click Tools
3. Preferences
4. go under Video
5. make sure Accelerated video output is on
6. for Output select DirectX(DirectDraw)
7. start playback
8. start WoW
9. set WoWVid to R:0 G:0 B:1
10. place WoWVid window over the VLC one

1. start KMPlayer
2. press F2
3. click on Video Processing
4. select tab Renderer
5. for Renderer choose Overlay mixer
6. start playback
7. start WoW
8. set WoWVid to R:15 G:0 B:15
9. place WoWVid window over the KMPlayer one

Although I do recommend a couple of ppl try it 1st.
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