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Originally Posted by orionlethe13 View Post
Problems I have identified so far:

1. The runes are way too small, and I can't tell if the are on cool down or available, can they be hidden?
You can change the scale of the HUD using '/nui hud scale {n}' - so make it '/nui hud scale 1.25 to make it 25% larger... you'll likely want to use '/nui hud vofs {n}' after that to change the vertical offset as well.

2. Every ability a Death Knight uses has a cool down, because it is based on Runes, therefore when my rune's are on CD the cool down bar goes NUTS....what can I do to restrict what CD's are show? While I am at it, can I make the CD icons larger?
Changing the scale of the HUD will also change the scale of the cooldown bar. The command '/nui hud cdmin 10' will fix your problem with the DK rune cooldowns. (also works for hunter trap cooldowns)

3. The timer bars are overlapping (obvious problem).
This is a known bug.

4. Can i remove the Range Display, I dont need it
Edit [ Interface >AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUD Layouts > nUI_HUDSkin_{hud mode}_Target.lua ] and locate the ["Range"] section, then set "enabled = true" to "enabled = false" and you should be all set.

5. Can I disable the cool down text, I dont need that either
Simple slash command... '/nui hud cdalert' - you might want to see http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=21199 for a list of all slash commands.

6. Can I remove Target of Target on the Hud, its useless for a tank
Yes and no... you would have to edit the HUD layout to remove it... and you can't do that for just one toon. Also, since I too play a tank, I disagree it's not needed... you need to know when a boss drops aggro and where to intervene. But, if you must, edit the nUI_HUDLayout_{hud mode} file, locate the tot section and disable it.

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