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The broken images/links is usually a problem with your browser (at least that has always been my case) or there may have been some problem with a network (or internet) connection.

Basically, graphics for WoW need to be a certain format, and a certain size to work in-game.

Size: Any combination (pixels vertical measurement X pixels horizontal measurement) of sizes as long as they are a power of two. IE: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and (I think) 1024. I think 1024 is the limit at the moment. All measurements are in pixels. Size might depend on the addon being used to import the graphics in to the game, so please check if it has a size limitation.

I think they must be in R(red)G(green)B(blue) format, also. 8bits per color channel, plus an 8 bit "Alpha" channel if you choose to use one. I believe an alpha channel is only necessary if you need part of the graphic to be transparent, since I have opened many graphics that have no alpha channel, but also have no transparency.

When saving the graphic, be sure to save as a uncompressed .tga. If your graphics program supports alpha channels, save as a uncompressed 24bit (no alpha channel) or 32bit (with alpha channel) .tga.

Edit: DOH!! Thanks, Seerah, for clearing up some glaring faults in my post, and for a link to a conversion program. This is what happens when I think. (slams head into table top)

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