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Right, I understood the part about it having to be TGA -

Using the (full health/mana) example:

Where the Paw is the health
the blue is the mana
the green is the casting/rep bar

Now I'm not sure if I am asking the question correctly, what would I have to do to get this to work in game? Like would I have to put it all on different layers? What purpose does the Alpha layer hold?

I can work w/ a PNG, but I suppose the same questions apply but the graphic I am using or wanting to use I wanted to change from a black/white version when not full, into a colored version.

thank you for all the help

I have Tried google chrome, MSIE, AND firefox to see if it was the browser issues. I've cleared cache's and restarted my modem/router.... the unavailable images, are not on my end, nor is the inability to make an account - it is possible you could attach them here for me? until I can actually log into the wowace site (or get it to work correctly) I'm still kind of in the dark...

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