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nUI and both sides...

ok so we got this great nUI user interface, which makes playing awesome and so forth, the problem is, blizzard brings out a patch, and things get broke, now i can understand ppl wanting a working version, one that will work till nui6 comes out, problem is, its not really working currently, pet bars disappear when they feel like, buffs are covering important info for when we are in raids, and lets look at it this way, ppl raid, and target a boss, be u healer or dps, ur gonna not be able to see everything, which can be a pain in the ass when u need to remove a buff from the boss or debuff a player, or trying to use healbot, now saying the bug will be fixed in nui6 is great, and i'm looking forward to said version, but will it be ready for cata? thats the thing we dread, will nUI be useable and in working order for when we get stuck into new content? even with new content now, its still a pain, when my pets bar disappears when i have my pet out, now i'm not saying scott is wrong for wanting to devote time to nui6 and have it working, problem is, while we wait, the current version we are all using is broken, and ppl are going back to the default ui or changing to a ui that works better.. now i'm not gonna change, not in a million years, this isn't a FIX IT BITCH OR I GO USE SOMETHING ELSE thread, its a "hope things are ready for cata" thread, and a plea to scott to maybe devote a little time to the problems that are lingering so when cata comes out, which is not far away now, its not a big impact on playing and we have something we can use in the mean time.

as a final note i would like to say, AWESOME ADDON scott, and keep at it man!
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