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yeah i can understand that side of the argument, and yeah i don't have a life, and would love to help ya out, but my ability in coding, is as much as i have when it comes to vehicle repairs lol, just myself reading all those posts that basically are saying 'FIX IT BITCH' with no real insight into what has to be done on ur end, thats the main reason i started this, gives me a chance to vent, and it shows ppl just how much you scott put into this project, even though its more a hobby than anything else.

also, i would love to donate more to help, but as i have no life i currently live on a centrelink benefit, pain the ass but i have little choice in the matter, hopefully my ability to program will improve when i start UNI next year, doing a bachalor of IT and game design, major in software or game design

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