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Moving Frame with Macro - Resets in Combat

I have made this macro to move my pet bar:

/run ShapeshiftBarFrame:Hide()
/run PetActionButton1:ClearAllPoints()
/run PetActionButton1:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", MultiBarBottomRight, "TOPLEFT", 65, 5)

I'm using a macro to do it because I only want it for the one character and I'm also afraid that using an addon to do it will interfere with the rest of my action bar placement which is controlled by an addon, but not configurable (TidyBar).

The macro works wonderfully. However, as soon as I enter combat or take a quest (possibly other actions as well), it resets to its original location. I can just click the macro button to move it back again, even in combat, but this is going to be irritating soon. The other thing the macro does, hiding the stance bar, does not reset.

Any ideas on what I can add or do differently to help the pet bar's position persist?

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