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Originally Posted by nobgul View Post
Ok here we go wheeeee.

First of all doing anything I post here could and will adversly affect any other class that has a pet bar. With that being said let the mod's begin =P.

Go to line 95 and change that line to the one you are using in your macro.
That should perm put your action bar where you want it. Now it seems you want to get rid of the shape shift bar. So lets tackle that.

Go to line 80. That whole block of code change with .

lua Code:
  1. if Class == "HUNTER" then
  2.      ShapeshiftBarFrame:Hide()
  3. elseif ShapeshiftButton1:IsShown() then
  4.      ShapeshiftButton1:ClearAllPoints();
  5.      ShapeshiftButton1:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", anchor, "TOPLEFT", 0, anchorOffset);
  6.      anchor = ShapeshiftButton1
  7.      anchorOffset = 4
  8. end
Do correct me if I'm wrong, but... one solution to the "problem" of affecting multiple characters could be copying the addon first, renaming it slightly, edit one of them as per your description above, and then loading the edited version only on the one character where the petbar and stancebar should be modified?

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