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Tooltips are easy

/nui tooltips {owner|mouse|fixed|default}

This option sets the location of the mouseover tooltips where 'owner' displays the tooltip next to the frame that owns it, 'mouse' displays the tooltip at the current mouse location, 'fixed' displays all tooltips at a fixed location on screen or 'default' does not manage tooltips at all

/nui movers

Enables and disables moving the standard Blizzard UI frames such as tooltips, durability, quest timer, quest tracker, PvP objectives, etc.

Use the tooltips option to set them to fixed, then use the movers option to move the tooltips to where you want them.

For the debuff parts you'll need to edit the layout files. There are some threads on the forum on how to go about that IIRC. To lazy to look for them now...
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