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Hi spiel2001,

are you aware that when downloading from WoW Interface or Curseforge you are actually getting v3.36.30303 !? At least it says so on the Addon Screen in WoW.

The more important thing is that it does not work! Nope, it does NOT display the actual changes made to the World with patch 4.0.3 (13329) Release - better known as Cataclysm!

I also tried to find the omnious v3.36.40000 but without success. So if its out there maybe some link to the correct build would be nice! And I also suggest to fix the issue with WoW Interface and curseforge obviously providing the wrong version under new tag!

I really like mozzFullWorldMap and would love to see it working again for Cata!

Best Regards, Sege!
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