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Modifying "grow" direction for auras

I've looks and found alot of information regarding how to tun off the auras and also how to limit the number of auras/buffs displayed, but the one thing I'm hoping someone can help with is how to change the "grow" direction of buffs.

I looks like the player buffs displayed on the lower left of the screen grow up - in other words, when a new buff is added, the entire list shifts up (based upon your refresh rate of course). However, the target debuffs listed on the lower right seem to grow downwards, so when new debuffs are added the list just gets longer - i.e. the label anchor pts stays fixed.

The problem I'm having with this is that the list eventually overlaps the infopanel. I've tried modifying the .lua file under interface\addons\nUI\.... and changing the "origin =" setting to see if that would change the direction but nothing seems to be having much effect.

Can someone tell me how this can be accomplished or is this a possible bug I need to report?