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Hunter's Mark + Pet Attack w/Misdirection...?

I just found this macro... to cast Hunter's Mark on the target and command the pet to attack if I'm not in a group or already in combat; otherwise it will just mark the target if I'm in a group and not in combat.

/petattack [nogroup][group,combat]
/cast Hunter's Mark

I have another one to misdirect my pet: /cast [target=pet,help] Misdirection

Would it be possible to combine the two? I'm not really good with macros. My first hunch is to add the pet misdirect macro to the first one, but I feel there should be something in-between - like /stopsequence or something?

EDIT: this may be a stretch... but is it possible to have a similar macro to the first one, and add misdirect to the Focus?
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