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Unfortunately, nUI5 does not have an option to support that capability. nUI6 does... you would have to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI6 > Layouts > DPS > ActionBarSet.lua ] and modify the values of "origin" and "orientation" for the bars according to how you want the bars to fill.

Details of each option are as follows...

barSet.Bars["nUI6_MainActionBar"] =
    barType     = "ActionBar",
    actionPage  = 1,            -- which action bar page is this bar replicating? 1-10 or nil for a standalone bar, default = nil
    rows        = 1,            -- number of rows of buttons to display (default is 1)
    columns     = 12,            -- number of columns of buttons to display (default is 12)
    origin      = "TOPLEFT",    -- where does the first button go? One of "TOPLEFT", "TOPRIGHT", "BOTTOMLEFT" or "BOTTOMRIGHT", default is "TOPLEFT"
    orientation = "HORIZONTAL",    -- how are buttons oriented on the bar? One of "HORIZONTAL" or "VERTICAL", default is "HORIZONTAL"
    inset       = 0,            -- how far are the edge buttons inset from the edge of the bar frame? Default = 0
    gap         = 0,            -- how much space is there between each button? Default = 0
    pageBar     = true,            -- set true to have this bar page with the main action bar, false otherwise

    anchors =                    -- one or more anchor points for the frame
        [0] =
            anchorPt   = "BOTTOM",                -- which point in the frame to anchor (TOPLEFT, TOP, TOPRIGHT, LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, BOTTOMLEFT, BOTTOM, BOTTOMRIGHT)
            relativeTo = "nUI6_UpperLeftBar",    -- the name of the frame this anchor point is anchored to
            relativePt = "TOPRIGHT",            -- which point on the anchor frame is this frame being anchored to (TOPLEFT, TOP, TOPRIGHT, LEFT, CENTER, etc...)
            xOfs       = 0,                        -- the horizontal offset between the two anchor points (negative values move the frame left, positive move right)
            yOfs       = 5,                        -- the vertical offset between the two anchor points( negative values move the frame down, positive move up)

    buttonConfig = defaultMainButtonConfig,
    border   = nil,
    labels   = nil,
    textures = nil,

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