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One I made for my Rogue.

Usual bar paging. The data feed bar at the bottom is also the enemy cast bar. It also is my chat input bar. If you are typing when a cast is coming the outer edge (about2-3 pix) will glow yellow and progress as a cast bar as a reminder.

ToT and Focus bars are just text. Party frames sit below the data feeds and are just smaller versions of the main unit frames. Bars on the bottom right are CD's and Target auras respectively. Tooltip is anchored near the map and set to expand from the top right corner.


General addons used:

Stuf Unit Frames.
AZCastbar (player, target, GCD, mirror, and CD)
Chatter (for the chat entry placement)
Pocketplot Minimap
Who Framed Watcher Wabbit to move minimap elements.

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