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Unit Frames Issue Since Latest Version

Hello. Since the new version (after the patch) I seem to be having an issue with the unit frames. It seems that when I click on them it only sort of works when it wants to - especially when actually clicking on the portrait. Can't really find a pattern. I didn't seem to have an issue after the patch until I updated to the latest version of nUI but I'm not 100% sure if it was the patch itself or the newest nUI release causing the issue. This isn't such a problem when, for example, trying to open trade because I can just click the unit frame again but when trying to accomplish something like casting with clique, for example, this can be very frustrating.

Just wanted to bring it to your attention. I may downgrade to the pre-4.0.6 version of nUI (5.07.09 I believe) until this is resolved.

Thanks again for all the great work.