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Non-interactive areas on unit frames

After the release of 4.0.6, I updated nUI to 5.07.11 (Plus) and quickly discovered that I could no longer click on certain parts of the nUI unit frames to target the unit, open the unit menu, or clique-heal the unit in a raid 10 or group environment. I tested Blizzard's unit frames and they seem to work fine so I disabled clique and the problem persisted with nUI's unit frames.

In the raid 10 frames, myself and my target seem to be split roughly down the middle so I can interact with the left side of those units but not the right. To interact with any other raid member, I basically need to click in the small area at the top of the unit where the name appears because the health bar seems to be non-interactive.

I'm not sure if there's actually an issue with the group units because I never payed much attention to it but the click has to land on the health/mana bar or the portrait because the rest of the box is not interactive. I have not tested the problem with raid 15, 20, 25, or 40 because I just went to Blizzard's unit frames after my bad heals started wiping the raid.