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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Yes. One hardware event per secure action. What the above macro does is this: on the first click, it will cast Living Bomb. On the second click, it will click Combustion. The reset=1.5 bit is a "reset" timer - the sequence will reset to the first spell if the button is not pressed within 1.5 seconds. (Though, reset may only accept whole numbers...) If you keep spamming the button, it will never reset until either the second spell is cast or you stop and wait.
Ok I figured it wouldnt work, I knew about having to press the castsequence macro button each time for each spell in the sequence, it was just an example. And No, im pretty sure Castsequence macros have to be whole numbers, 2,4,6,120, etc...

Thanks for the replies.

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