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Isn't that exactly what I wrote?

Dawn wrote it in the other thread and oUF_Simple2 has a tag tutorial aswell.

Coypied from Dawn
lua Code:
  1. local MAELSTROM_WEAPON = GetSpellInfo(53817)
  2. oUF.Tags["maelstrom"] = function(unit)
  3.     if unit == "player" then
  4.         local name, _, icon, count = UnitBuff("player", MAELSTROM_WEAPON)
  5.         return name and count
  6.     end
  7. end
  8. oUF.TagEvents["maelstrom"] = "UNIT_AURA UNIT_HEALTH"

The "UNIT_AURA UNIT_HEALTH" part is where you have your events that will call the tag.
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