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Rogue - PVP

I'm really getting interested in PVP with my NE Rogue, but having some concerns.

I wouldn't call myself an "expert" but I'm pretty well versed in Assassination-- I love it.

I hear A LOT of talk about Sub being the supreme PVP spec but I'm wondering, why can't I PVP as Assassination? Is there really only one "true" PVP spec?

I tried Sub last night and I was just so royally confused. In and out of all the stealth crap was throwing my runs off because of my bars constantly flipping in and out. I understand that ambush and backstab are one of your primary hits but damn if you aren't behind the enemy you get stuck with hemorrhage.

Don't get me wrong-- few tests on dummy I saw 10k instant burst dps in sub, but then it slowly dropped as I got more and more confused.

With assassination it takes me a few seconds to reach that but I'm not fumbling over keys or abilities because I know it very well.

I don't know if gear is an issue too-- my ilvl is 356 and I only got three pieces of PVP gear with 965 resil. I still working on honor points and gear. I just don't want to downgrade to 339 gear.

Could resilience really be THAT huge of a factor? I am going up against people who are for the most part arena players or fully geared PVP players.
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