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Subtlety is so much better than Mutilate for reasons other than damage. Mutilate has better sustained damage, for sure, but anyone who is just decent at PvP can stop a Mutilate rogue from doing any damage at all. They are easily kited or CC'd. Without preparation they have much fewer cooldowns.

Subtlety has what is called a higher skill cap. Meaning that it has a higher potential ceiling. Part of that is having to be behind a target for your major attacks. You have to do a lot of setup as Subtlety before really bursting an opponent as opposed to just popping vendetta and spamming abilities. You need Recuperate up, have your opponent stunned, use cooldowns to stay on your opponent, etc. You should check out sites like skill-capped.com or arenajunkies.com for more info on how to actually play in PvP.

Don't worry about fumbling over keys when switching to something new, it's gonna happen. Just get used to it.

As for resilience, yes it's that important. You need 3k resilience before you can even start taking anything away from what you're doing in PvP situations. If anyone who knows any better finds out you have such low resilience, you will just be farmed in whatever PvP situation you find yourself in.

PS: Don't worry about dps in PvP. It's all about damage at the right times. DPS is for PvE.
Glyph Preparation instead of sprint for a 2nd Smoke Bomb and Dismantle. It's much better for you.
Get an Unheeded Warning to add some damage to your Sub spec.

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