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Yeah, I've been Glad on Rogue in every season (and currently well within that range this season) as well as Resto Druid (every season I've actually played arenas with him), and a Frost Mage I just leveled in Cata and currently at 2400+.

The reason you don't see Rogues as much is because almost every other dps class/spec is notably stronger and easier to play right now. As I said, we have to ride the coat tails of a much stronger dps class to make it at high ratings. Even RMP is getting more difficult. I play RMP, RLS, and RLD right now. Last couple weeks I have been playing some Rogue/Death Knight/Priest at 2800+. Right now, Locks and DKs are ridiculous and that's why you see those comps reaching higher rankings. But, at that level of play, it's quite sad that I often have to leash myself to a pillar and/or be babysat by my healer in order to not be insta-gibbed after popping my trinket.

So, compare that to comps that don't have a rogue as one of the dps classes and you'll notice how much easier AND stronger they are. TSG or any other melee/physical cleave don't require much CC usage and has insane damage output with little-to-no effort (I've played a TreeSG this season). Wizard Cleaves have insane CC and insane damage (Currently playing Shaman/SPriest/Mage).

The sad thing is that with a smallish damage buff outside of Shadow Dance, Rogues would be about where most high-level arena pvpers believe classes should be. It's just that every other class is well above that strength. It's partially a byproduct of the difference in skill-caps and its effect on lower tier players' success in arenas/RBGs. Rogue is continually considered the most difficult class to play with good reason. But Blizzard is currently balancing things around the more casual/lesser player to keep the business rolling in. That's why they will never even come close to being balanced enough to get back into professional gaming tournaments.

PS About Unheeded Warning on non-humans. It's a choice (obviously you still keep the Medallion) to use it over the Agility on-use. However, there are some reasons to do so. You will only get to use the on-use once every other Shadow Dance. If you happen to macro it into your Shadow Dance, you could waste it when using Dance to peel or re-sap. Unheeded Warning buffs the weaker damage we have which is outside of our extremely comlicated burst. That extremely complicated burst means that it is often easily countered by competent players. And of course the reason to use the Agility on-use is to use it along every other Shadow Dance for a bunch of extra bursth. I'm not saying use one over the other. I haven't had to make that choice (I'm human). But there are some reasons to use both.

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