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Ok i figgered out how to make 2 macros that will change your bar when you go in stealth and change it back when you click it agin now granted there is some slite flaw in this if ya come out with out hiting the button agin now granted i am gonna have an extra macro made for me Ravage and such so when i use it it takes me back to my normal bar and i am gonna have one that is easy for me to hit so if i come out of stealth unwanted i can go to my normal bar but these should help ya out a bit and hope ya like them

For going into stealth
/cast Prowl(Cat Form)
/changeactionbar 3

For heading out of stealth
/cast Prowl(Cat Form)
/changeactionbar 1

Now for these to work right ya got to have your skills showing in the bar next to your toons bar just to the right of your chat box