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graphic issue

Hiya Scott, I took a six month break from wow and recently came back to it. I did a clean install of my add ons by renaming my interface and WTF folder and starting fresh. New NUI+ with skada, DBM, quest helper, recount and titan. Problem I am having and it might be a Blizzard prob is when I fly places or get summons somewhere my frame rate drops to 4 fps and wont recover unless i log out and back in and then i am back to 60 fps. Latency stays around 60ms and usually fps is also 60 fps.
I also removed all my patch files (known to cuse graphic lag) from the WOW root folder.
I am running win7 on a Asus CM5570 dual core 2.6Ghz with 6 GB ram and a radeon 4850 with 1 GB on it. My graphics is turned down to good with shadow at fair but will handle higher just questing. I can run it on Ultra but frame rate will drop to 35-45 fps and in graphic intense areas like SW with a lot of peeps there will bog down to 10 fps and be laggy.
Also joined in a defense of stormwind today and totally lagged out on frame rate while latency stayed at around 60ms. connection is cable at 10mb/sec i believe.
Any ideas?
I rather be flying!