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[Request] Macro Toggle Resolution & Windowed/fullscreen mode.

I was wondering if it's possible to have two different macros for two different situations as follows:

First macro would be to toggle between Windowed to fullscreen. (If it is in fullscreen, it will switch to windowed, if it is in windowed it will switch to full screen)

Second Macro would be to toggle between two resolutions. (1366x768) to (1440x900).

I need this because I recently purchased a tv monitor for my laptop, but my laptop's maximum resolution is 1366x768, and on the TV it is cut short. In order for the TV to view it in full screen, the resolution must be 1440x900.

I was intentially looking for a macro that would toggle between some complicated scenario, but decided that having two different macros would be much easier to manage. I'm planning on getting a g510 keyboard pretty soon too, so I also need to figure out how to bind the two macros to a key.. would BindPad work?
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