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Originally Posted by Verttex View Post
Very nice review, may add to the final post. :P

Currently many people do suffer from high memory useage from Clique. It really all depends on the computer its on.
I'm the author of Clique. I've been the author of Clique from the day it was released. I have never once, in the entirety of the time that Clique has existed, had a single complaint about the memory usage of Clique. As the author, I would be interested in a single report you have from a single user, so I can work to address any shortcomings that might exist in the addon.

Also, the notion that high memory usage depends on the computer is a bit absurd. The effect that memory usage might have on an individual certainly can be affected by that (minimally, and I actually have done the research), but Clique is going to take no more memory on those machines than on any other. Furthermore, you'd be hard pressed to find a single unit frame addon that uses anywhere near as little memory as Clique uses. So consider Healbot, which is working on top of the default unit frames, as opposed to Clique that works with it. It's a non-issue, and its silly to include it.

Well currently it runs for around 2MiB for me with LUI at 7MiB
Please provide some information, or at the very least a screenshot indicating that this is the case. Then do

/run collectgarbage("collect"); collectgarbage("collect")

And screenshot again. I'm happy to look into any issues, if you do the bare minimum and actually tell me about it =)

Thanks for a nice post.
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