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Originally Posted by aceman67 View Post
I couldn't disagree with you more.

I've been using this addon for well over 3 years and I've tried other similar addons and my Healing through-put plummeted and people died, My GM even said once "Your not using heal-bot, are you?". No other addon as allowed me to come with in a Country Mile of my performance I can dish out with Heal-Bot.

I've never had any of the issues you mentioned with Healbot, as I keep a pretty simple set up (one of the default layouts modified for size and colors, nothing else changed).

The only problem I do have with it is getting it to use Rebirth on dead party members in combat, but thats a small gripe as I'm pretty good at getting one off in seconds of people dying anyways.

It has everything I need: Something that displays health, a way to apply my various tools of the trade, my HoTs, threat levels (for pro-active healing), Raid Markers (for use with DBM) and what ever debuff I can remove. What more could you ask for?
/cast [@mouseover] Rebirth

Originally Posted by Unkn View Post
If you are talking about cooldown mods and things of that sort, this thread is going to get very long for healers.

Everyone has their own set up. I tend to run with the same 3 basic addons for everyone of my classes, with them all configured for the different toons and rolls specs.

Like the cooldown watching... ForteExorcist, Cooline, Sexycooldowns... all with basic same concept with slightly different end effects.

I use Sexycooldowns + Eventhorizon to keep track of things, along with PowerAuras to watch procs and where certain spells are ... ie Lifebloom, PoM, Earth Shield.

I've always found my healing UIs to be way more extensive than when I'm playing any other roll. I do need to try decursive tho, I've never played with it. Just mouseover and click for the dispell.
I am thinking of making seperate threads for each.
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